Welcome to our Children summer camp, only half an hour far from Barcelona in Spain. Our motorcycle ranch is located beside the sea, and in a magnificent landscape.
Our motorbike summer camp is a kids resort where the children can learn how to ride a dirt bike or improve his riding level, in a safe and funny way, following our experienced program motorcycle training for kids. Some of the pilots that are actually riding in the world motorbike championship, has been training in our motorcycle ranch when kids. But our motorbike summer camp is not only a motorcycle training school.
It is also a place where the children will take fun, practicing different sports and doing a lot of adventure activities with the best instructor's team and the managing of an expertise staff. And while taking fun, the kids will be also practicing and learning Spanish. The experience will be unforgettable.
Our motorbike summer camp is located in San Antonio ranch, an impressive building built in 1901. In our ranch, was designed the first bike of the mythic Bultaco brand. In the mountains surrounding the ranch the trial bikes where tested, and in the tracks and circuits were developed the cross and dirt-bikes. The same mountains where your kids will live unforgettable adventures and the same tracks where the children will learn to ride a motorbike in a funny and safe way with our motorcycle training for kids program.

The kids could also choice a lot of different options every day: Soccer, football, Paddle tennis, Karts, adventure rides at night, scuba diving in our swimming pool, windsurf at the sea, and more others.
Each activity is controlled by expertise instructors that enjoy taking fun together with the kids.

Masía de San Antonio

We have improved day by day through our long year's experience. The kids want to come back again, to our summer camp, each year and this is our main goal, and our biggest satisfaction.


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